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Field kitchen KP-125M

  • Полевая кухня КП-125М
Gas type:liquid ( diesel, kerosene) / solid firewood
Fuel consumption:7-10 / 28-32
Weight of a kitchen:1110-1115 kg

You can see a marching field kitchen vehicle trailer KP-125, may be the brightest representative of its genre. To speak officially and with military terms, it’s designed for making food containing two dishes and hot water for 125 men. But that’s not quite so. As a rule the military cook in the kitchen just buckwheat with canned meat and also make tea, and taking it into account you will get a different number of satisfied people. For one cycle of cooking buckwheat and canned meat it’s possible to feed up to 1000 men. Besides there may be an endless number of such cycles, the only necessary things will be enough firewood and products. Also it’s possible to roast meat and fish dishes in the kitchen, vegetables, bakery, and dried bread. It may be towed by a cargo GAZ-66, but for keeping and using it safe we use tow trucks.

The kitchen operates solid (firewood and peat) and liquid (kerosene and diesel) gas.

The kitchen can operate at a temperature from 50 degrees above zero to 40 degrees below.

When ordering field kitchen KP-125 for a feast or any other event you get a real masterpiece of the Soviet industrial art, which is capable to satisfy any requests and feed your guests richly.