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Field kitchen KP-130

  • Полевая кухня КП-130
Gas type:liquid ( diesel, kerosene) / solid firewood
Fuel consumption:7-10 / 28-32
Weight of a kitchen:1200-1650 kg

To organize a military feast they usually invite a great amount of people. To provide all with quick and delicious treat and drinks, to hire a military-combat kitchen KP-130 will be a good decision. The kitchen was developed specially for mass feeding. Main goal of military-combat kitchen is either providing the military with hot food at peace time or participants of events.

The kitchen is equipped with two large portable tanks for cooking various meals and drinks. It operates both solid and liquid types of gas. Most often firewood is used. The machine has a small weight, so it is mounted onto a two-wheel trailer. The service is carried out by a cook and two food deliverers, when necessary the number of personnel may be increased. The field kitchen KP-130 is capable to cook 1200 portions of food for a cycle, there may be endless number of cycles, all depends on existing task. The menu is discussed individually. Besides traditional soldier’s porridge (canned meat with buckwheat or pearl barley porridge) it’s possible to order the kitchen with full cooking «escort» — hot and cold appetizers, salads and barbecue. Our cooks are true professionals who know for a fact the technology of making real military soldier’s and civil food. Military cooks have a rule – qualitative work! To achieve a high class service the kitchen is equipped with special property: camouflage tent, portable bar, benches.

For active rest it’s possible to install a shooting gallery. The service is carried out by a well coherent team. The personnel is well equipped. The kitchen itself has a defensive color and a proper look. The field kitchen for a feast is a brilliant military décor, irreproachable service and wonderful taste of favourite dishes!

Ordering military-field kitchen KP-130 for a feast or any other event you will undoubtedly provide a great amount of guests with fresh, hot and delicious food.